The below links provide access to the most current version of ViconNet VMDC software. For earlier versions and the associated patches and drivers, click here

Virtual Matrix Display Controller

VMDC Version 8.0.32 (17th August 2015) (395.01 MB)
Version 8.0.32 of ViconNet VMDC software. Please read the RELEASE NOTES posted below before downloading and installing version 8.0.32.
Release Notes for ViconNet-VMDC version 8.0.32 (17th August 2015) (781.5 KB)
Please read these release notes before downloading and installing VMDC version 8.0.32.
VMDC Software Installation Guide (1.13 MB)
Read this document for detailed instructions for installing and upgrading the VMDC software.
Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework (1st April 2014) (47.94 MB)
Install this on any VMDC or VN-DECODER-2 running version 6.0 or above.

Virtual Matrix Controller (no support for HD video)

Virtual Matrix Controller version 5.6b - June 4, 2010 (267.7 MB)
This is latest software version for the VMC and includes vndriver 922 and IPdevice 532 (for KRX). Please note that although ViconNet version 5.6d has been released, this version of VMC software (5.6b) remains current.