Field Services and Project Engineering

Advanced projects with elaborate system requirements often demand special attention ensuring proper configuration and minimal downtime. Vicon currently offers on-site support via certified system engineers to facilitate this process. Having a dedicated and fully-trained engineer on site will help you streamline the installation process and ensure successful and timely deployment. Engineers can also be requested for new system implementation, system health assessments, technical consulting or onsite troubleshooting.

Vicon Field Services

New System Implementation
  • Assistance during the installation phase of a new project
  • Ensures that the system is installed correctly the first time
  • Tests for system and network reliability
  • Verification that installation meets or exceeds Vicon specifications
  • Basic ViconNet training
  • Completion of Site Commissioning checklist
System Health Assessments
  • Benchmarking service designed to ensure high level of system performance
  • Review recording scheme and camera settings
  • Verify database continuity
  • Confirm proper installation of all current ViconNet software / camera firmware
  • Perform network bandwidth tests
Technical Consulting
  • Assistance with system design, expansion, and planning
  • Network configuration recommendations
  • Specification review and recommendations
  • Customized solutions for unique installation requirements
Onsite Troubleshooting
  • Support solution to assist integrators who encounter issues at an install site that are beyond the scope of phone support
  • System and network troubleshooting
  • Priority access to high level engineering staff