Resolution and Frame Rate Sample Video Clips

These H.264 video clips demonstrate the quality of video recorded at varying resolutions and frame rate settings. Use them to help determine the most appropriate recording settings for your specific needs.

Higher resolutions and frame rates come with the cost of greater storage requirements and more bandwidth. Depending on your application, you may decide that the highest possible recording settings do not merit the associated expense in some cases.

CIF - 2 fps

D1 - 2 fps 

1080p - 2 fps 

 CIF - 7 fps

 D1 - 7 fps

 1080p - 7 fps

 CIF - 15 fps

 D1 - 15 fps

 1080p - 15 fps

 CIF - 30 fps

 D1 - 30 fps

 1080p - 30 fps