Surveyor HD PTZ Network Dome Series

  • HD 1080p or 720p resolution at 30 images per second
  • Optical zoom: 20x (1080p)/30x (720p)
  • WDR day/night camera
  • Dual encoding generates simultaneous H.264 or M-JPEG video streams
  • ONVIF interface provides inter-operability with open platform solutions
  • High-speed 360° continuous pan
  • Advanced titling features
  • Scheduling of tours and preset

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Model Chart

System Overview

Vicon has enhanced the proven high-performance design of the Surveyor series of dome cameras with high definition (HD) video. The camera’s superb HDTV quality video, low light capabilities and durability deliver a superior pan, tilt and zoom solution to customers. The new design conforms to the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) specification, providing inter-operability between network video products from different manufacturers. The camera can deliver custom resolutions up to 1080P (1920 x 1080).

The Surveyor HD supports high-profile H.264 and M-JPEG compression as well as multi-stream format capabilities to deliver bandwidth efficient high quality video. The camera’s optical zoom and HDTV resolution deliver the same (30X, 720p) or better (20X, 1080p) level of detail as that provided by a standard definition camera with 35x optical zoom, but with a wider field of view.

The Surveyor HD can be programmed directly through the ViconNet Video Management Systems interface as well as a standard Web Browser. The advanced scheduling capabilities allow users to automate camera positioning based on schedules and alarm inputs. Programmable privacy masks are used to conceal user-defined areas. Limits to the pan and tilt of the unit can also prevent operators from viewing restricted areas. Titles can be programmed in the unit to provide the operator with additional graphical information when controlling the camera (examples: sector titles and compass headings). Motion Detection regions can be programmed based on preset locations and the camera provides video analytics intelligent data to ViconNet Video Management System, which enables users to quickly find activity using a “Museum Search” feature.

Construction and Installation

Vicon has a variety of hardware available to install the Surveyor HD in almost any environment. For indoor applications, an in-ceiling and pendant style camera is offered; for outdoor installations, a pendant configuration is available with a standard, pressurized, or high-impact housing. The pressurized and impact resistant versions of the lower dome are constructed of impact-resistant, polycarbonate and are secured by tamperproof screws.

The indoor model can be installed with a single Cat5 cable with PoE+. The standard outdoor units are IP66 rated and have built-in heater/ blower units that ensure operation in a temperature range of -40° to 132° F (-40° to 55° C). The pressurized version of the camera provides IP67 protection.

The Surveyor HD can be ordered with optional media converters that transmit the camera’s IP signal over fibre or coaxial cable. The fibre version can transmit the data over multimode or single mode* optical fibre, up to 2 miles (3 km) in multimode or 12 miles (20 km) in single mode. The Ethernet over coax versions can transmit the data over coaxial cable up to 1000 ft (305 m). An appropriate receiver is required to convert the signal back to Ethernet for integration into the VMS system.