Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Model Number Description
Surge Protection
DTK-PVPIP Surge Protector

IP Video Power and Data Surge Protection

  • Can be used at camera site or at individual NVR/power supply feed
  • RJ-45 connection protects all four video/data pairs
  • Two pairs of power protection
  • Automatically resets to protect against multiple surges
  • Conforms to EIA/TIA standards for data transmission
  • DTK-DP4P Series Surge Protector

    Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Surge Protection

  • Protects power, video and four data conductors in one package
  • 5 amp, 24 V circuit protects power feeds to camera, and heater
  • Models to protect coaxial, balun or twisted pair connections
  • V15LPG
    SURGE PROTECTOR; protects video equipment from induced power surges in video lines