ViconNet Video Management Software

Vicon's standards-based open platform VMS, ViconNet, is a robust, scalable and exceptionally flexible solution. Supporting industry-standard compression and transmission formats, ViconNet displays and records clear, high-resolution video while minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements.

Our VMS solution offers you incredible freedom of choice, with the ability to customize a video surveillance system to your specific needs. Vicon's extensive offerings of ONVIF-S compliant video devices and computer hardware components allow you to build a fully-integrated and future-ready surveillance solution.

ViconNet delivers the widest range of display options, from "surveillance in your pocket" smartphone viewing, video access to any PC, and virtual matrix display controller (VMDC) support for large, multi-monitor command centers. Whatever combination of displays you choose, you can count on consistent, intuititve and responsive interfaces that keep you in control.

Introducing ViconNet 8.0

Our newest VMS, ViconNet 8 offers improved performance, enhancements to the user interface as well as several new features. ViconNet 8 fully integrates with Vicon’s HDExpress NVRs and Express DVRs as well as the VAX access control system. ViconNet 8 has been designed to fit all your security needs by increasing usability and strengthening the level of integration with all open-standard devices.

For complete information including datasheets on our wide variety of VMS products, please visit our Software webpages or view the ViconNet 8 Presentation.

What's NEW with ViconNet 8?

  • Integration with HDExpress and Express plug-and-play NVRs and DVRs
  • Support of VAX Access Control providing a complete access video surveillance solution
  • Updated connection monitoring
  • Direct access to Edge playback
  • Simplified archive export tool
  • Easier programming with support group sorting
  • Auto adjust ViconNet UI
  • Additional VMDC screen layouts

ViconNet Version 8 Brochure: