Vicon releases ViconNet 8



Vicon’s new ViconNet 8 now integrates HD Express embedded NVRs and DVRs and enhances the software with a new suite of powerful features.

Upgrade Notes

The installation of ViconNet 8 on former ViconNet versions requires re-licensing of the software. Systems covered by Vicon’s software enhancement program will receive the license for free. Refer to the installation instructions for details on upgrading your current version of ViconNet to version 8.
All information (release notes, installation instructions, firmware is available on our website.

Key Features

  • Integration of HD Express Embedded Plug & Play NVRs. The cost effective Express Series recording platforms (4, 8, and 16 channel recorders) can now be virtualized into a single enterprise class platform using ViconNet.
  • Support of Camera Edge Storage Playback. IP Cameras that have integrated SD cards with a playback interface can now be accessed directly thru the ViconNet application.
  • Improved Archive Wizard. The archive wizard is now an intuitive feature that helps users start an archive directly by automatically searching all available databases for relevant video and archives from the best match. This new capability significantly reduces the time required to archive video from different storage devices on an enterprise sized system.
  • Enhanced (quicker) Export of Video Clips. The video export wizard can now export video to MKV format with significantly lower processing times. This format can be viewed with the free VLC player.
  • New HD Format Camera Layouts. Users now have the ability to choose a popular 6 tile layout or a 10 tile layout with two larger tiles in VMDC . These new formats are designed specifically for the 16:9 screen resolution found in modern HD monitors.


ViconNet 8 will be available effective 17th August 2015. All new products will ship with ViconNet 8 unless a previous version of is special ordered.