Vicon Discontinues Pilot Ultra Matrix Switcher

Fareham, United Kingdom (15th July 2014): Due to unavailability of electronic components, Vicon is discontinuing production of the Pilot Ultra Matrix Switching systems effective immediately. Orders already placed for Pilot Ultra models will be fulfilled.

Discontinued Models:

Name Model Number Description
Pilot Ultra V1599 Advanced digital control system and matrix switcher (8192 x 512). Capable of addressing over 8000 cameras and 500 monitors and keypad stations.

Available Analogue Matrix Products
Sales for analogue Pilot Select (512x64) matrix systems are not affected by the shortage of electrical components used in the Pilot Ultra products. Vicon expects to continue production of this product in support of analogue based systems until demand is exhausted.

IP Virtual Matrix Products
Vicon encourages customers to contact their sales representative for information regarding Vicon’s Virtual Matrix Display Controller. Our representatives can propose a cost-effective plan to transition to this high-performance, network-based solution.